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flagge albania (AL) Albania
Albanian dictionary: ispellal.hash

flagge argeninia (AR) Argentinia
Spanish Dictionary Argentinia: es_AR.aff, es_AR.dic

flagge austria (AT) Austria
German Dictionary Austria: de_at.aff, de_at.dic

flagge australia (AU) Australia
English Dictionary Australia: en_au.aff, en_au.dic, ispellau.hash

flagge bulgaria (BG) Bulgaria
Bulgarian Dictionary: bg_bg.aff, bg_bg.dic, ispellbg.hash

 flagge bolivia (BO) Bolivia
Bolivia Dictionary Quechua: qu_bo.aff, qu_bo.dic, ispellbg.hash,
Spanish Dictionary Bolivia: es_BO.aff, es_BO.dic

flagge brazil (BR) Brazil
Portuguese dictionary Brazil: pt_br.aff, pt_br.dic, ispellbr.hash

flagge canada (CA) Canada
English Dictionary Canada: en_ca.aff, en_ca.dic, ispellca.hash

flagge switzerland (CH) Switzerland
German Dictionary Switzerland: de_ch.aff, de_ch.dic

flagge czech (CZ) Czech Republic
Czech Dictionary: cs_cz.aff, cs_cz.dic

flagge germany (DE) Germany
German Dictionary old and new Spelling: de_de_comb.aff, de_de_comb.dic, ispellde.hash
German Dictionary new Spelling: de_de_neu.aff, de_de_neu.dic
German Dictionary Basic Words and Additional Words: de_de_frami.aff, de_de_frami.dic

flagge denmark (DK) Denmark
Dänisches Wörterbuch: da_dk.aff, da_dk.dic
Faroese Dictionary: fo_fo.aff, fo_fo.dic

flagge estonia (EE) Estonia
Estländisches Wörterbuch: ispellee.hash

flagge spain (ES) Spain
Spanish Dictionary: es_es.aff, es_es.dic, ispelles.hash
Spanish Dictionary Catalan: ca_es.aff, ca_es.dic
Spanish Dictionary Aranese (Gascon): gsc_fr.aff, gsc_fr.dic
Spanish Dictionary Languedocien: oc_fr.aff, oc_fr.dic

flagge esperanto Esperanto
Esperanto Dictionary: eo_i3.aff, eo_i3.dic

flagge finland (FI) Finland
Finnish Dictionary: ispellfi.hash

flagge france (FR) France
French Dictionary: fr_fr.aff, fr_fr.dic, ispellfr.hash
French Dictionary Gascon: gsc_fr.aff, gsc_fr.dic
French Dictionary Languedocien: oc_fr.aff, oc_fr.dic

flagge greece (Gr) Greece
Greek Dictionary: el_gr.aff, el_gr.dic

flagge croatia (HR) Croatia
Croatian Dictionary: hr_hr.aff, hr_hr.dic

flagge hungary (HU) Hungary
Hungarian Dictionary: hu_hu.aff, hu_hu.dic

flagge indonesia (iD) Indonesia
Indonesian Dictionary: id_id.aff, id_id.dic
Tetum Dictionary: tet_id.aff, tet_id.dic
Tetum Dictionary: tet_id.aff, tet_id.dic

flagge ireland (IE) Ireland
Irish Dictionary: ga_ie.aff, ga_ie.dic

flagge Italy (IT) Italy
Italian Dictionary: it_it_cognome.aff, it_it_cognome.dic
Friulian Dictionary: fue_it.aff, fue_it.dic
Occitan Dictionary: oc_fr.aff, oc_fr.dic

flagge kenia (KE) Kenia
Swahilian Dictionary: sw_ke.aff, sw_ke.dic

Latin Dictionary: la.aff, la.dic

flagge lithuania (LT) Lithuania
Lithuanian Dictionary: lt_lt.aff, lt_lt.dic

flagge mazedonia (MK) Mazedonia
Macedonian Dictionary: mk_mk.aff, mk_mk.dic

flagge malawi (MW) Malawi
Malawian Dictionary Chichewa: ny_mw.aff, ny_mw.dic

flagge mexico (MX) Mexico
Spanish Dictionary Mexico: es_mx.aff, es_mx.dic

flagge netherlands (NL) Netherlands
Dutch Dictionary: nl_nl.aff, nl_nl.dic
Dutch Dictionary Frisian: fy_nl.aff, fy_nl.dic

flagge norway (NO) Norway
Norwegian Nynorsk Dictionary: nn_no.aff, nn_no.dic
Norwegian Bokmal Dictionary: nb_no.aff, nb_no.dic

flagge new zealand (NZ) New Zealand
English Dictionary Zealand: en_nz.aff, en_nz.dic
Maori Dictionary: mi_nz.aff, mi_nz.dic

flagge poland (PL) Poland
Polish Dictionary: pl_pl.aff, pl_pl.dic, ispellpl.hash

flagge portugal (PT) Portugal
Portuguese Dictionary: pt_pt.aff, pt_pt.dic, ispellpl.hash

flagge romania (RO) Romania
Romanian Dictionary: ro_ro.aff, ro_ro.dic, ispellro.hash
flagge russia (RU) Russia
Russian Dictionary: ru_ru.aff, ru_ru.dic
Russian Dictionary without IO: ru_ru_ie.aff, ru_ru_ie.dic

Russian Dictionary: ru_ru_yo.aff, ru_ru_yo.dic
flagge ruanda (RW) Ruanda
Ruandian Dictionary Kinyarwanda: rw_rw.aff, rw_rw.dic

flagge sweden (SE) Sweden
Swedish Dictionary: sv_se.aff, sv_se.dic
Sami Wörterbuch: se.aff, se.dic
Sami Wörterbuch: smj.aff, smj.dic

flagge slovenia (SI) Slovenia
Slovenian Dictionary: sl_si.aff, sl_si.dic

flagge slovakia (SK) Slovakia
Slovakian Dictionary: sk_sk.aff, sk_sk.dic, ispellsk.hash

flagge serbia (RS) Serbia
Serbian Dictionary Cyrillic Alphabet: sr.aff, sr.dic
Serbian Dictionary Latin Alphabet: sh.aff, sh.dic

flagge thailand (TH) Thailand
Thai Dictionary: th_th.aff, th_th.dic

flagge Turkey (TR) Turkey
Turkish Dictionary: tr.aff, tr.dic

flagge ukraine (UA) Ukraine
Ukrainian Dictionary: uk_ua.aff, uk_ua.dic

flagge great britain (UK) Great Britain
English Dictionary GB: en_gb.aff, en_gb.dic
English Dictionary Oxford English Dictionary: en_gb.aff-oed, en_gb-oed.dic
English Dictionary schottisch Gälisch: gd_gb.aff, gd_gb.dic
English Dictionary Walisisch: cy_gb.aff, cy_gb.dic
Interlingua-English Dictionary: ia.aff, ia.dic

flagge USA (US) USA
English Dictionary USA: en_us.aff, en_us.dic, ispellus.hash
English Dictionary Hawaiian: haw_us.aff, haw_us.dic

flagge uruguay (UY) Uruguay
Spanish Dictionary: Uruguay: es_uy.aff, es_uy.dic

flagge vatikan stadt (VA) Vatikan Stadt
Italian Dictionary: it_it_cognome.aff, it_it_cognome.dic
Furlanian Dictionary: fue_it.aff, fue_it.dic
Occitan Dictionary: oc_fr.aff, oc_fr.dic
Latin: la.aff, la.dic

flagge Venezuela (VE) Venezuela
Spanish Dictionary Venezuela: es_ve.aff, es_ve.dic

flagge vietnam (VN) Vietnam
Vietnames Dictionary: vi_vn.aff, vi_vn.dic

flagge south africa (ZA) South Africa
South African Dictionary Afrikaans: af_za.aff, af_za.dic
South African Dictionary English: en_za.aff, en_za.dic
South African Dictionary Ndebele: nr_za.aff, nr_za.dic
South African Dictionary Nordsotho: ns_za.aff, ns_za.dic
South African Dictionary Swati: ss_za.aff, ss_za.dic
South African Dictionary Nordsotho: st_za.aff, st_za.dic
South African Dictionary Setswana: tn_za.aff, tn_za.dic
South African Dictionary Tsonga: ts_za.aff, ts_za.dic
South African Dictionary Venda: ve_za.aff, ve_za.dic
South African Dictionary Xhosa: xh_za.aff, xh_za.dic
South African Dictionary Zulu: zu_za.aff, zu_za.dic

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