KADMOS ICR / OCR Developer Kit (SDK)

The KADMOS ICR / OCR is a powerful engine for recognizing hand-block writting (ICR) and machine print (OCR) as well as markers (OMR). It is developed for professional use in software applications.KADMOS ICR / OCR is available for all common languages with Latin character set. Additional alphabets such as Cyrillic or Greek are supported.The exact status can be found below. The SDK is made in standard C, So we can support every CPU.  The KADMOS SDK is available in three expansion stages, depending on how far the developer wants to take over the segmentation himself. REC includes isolated character recognition, REL stands for row recognition, and REP for multi-line recognition.

The KADMOS ICR / OCR recognition is based on the latest mathematical state, a worldwide unique development of the SVM (Support Vector Machine) method with sensational recognition results.
Request a free demo SDK (Windows 32) from us: office@rerecognition.com

KADMOS ICR / OCR supports:


  • Latin
  • Griechisch
  • Hebräisch
  • Kyrillisch
  • Thai
  • Tamil


  • Hand block font
  • Typescript
  • OCR-A
  • OCR-B
  • F7B
  • CMC7
  • E13B
  • Fraktur

Operation Systems:

  • Windows 32 Bit and 64 Bit: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • Linux 32 and 64 with different Linux versions:
    SuSE, Ubuntu, Fedora. RedHat
  • Mobile: Android, Apple iOS