News in Version 3.5


The image data for recognition are no longer provided by image_typ, image, dim[0] and dim[1], but by a new data structure ReImage. This results in many more possibilities for image input. Among others, the resolution of the input images - from the scanning - can be passed to the recognition engine, images can be provided by pointer areas to the beginnings of the lines, and subimages can be described directly in the input image.

The software protection for the DLL version has changed and the file machnm1.exe is not longer used.

The file kadmos.ini now provides the additional possibility to store not only the raster images from the rec or rel module, but also all images provided before the recognition starts.

Almost all KADMOS functions now give back an error type (RE_SUCCESS, RE_PARAMETERERROR, RE_ERROR, ... , ...). Detailed information can be found in the data sheets of the functions.

Windows specific and non standard declarations have been eliminated as far as possible. So we don't describe rectangles in the Windows RECT format (left, top, right, bottom) any more, but instead in the new ReRect format (left, top, width, height).

The lines and box removal has been implemented for the modules REP and REL, detection of vertical lines and boxes has been added, and for every such item a search area can be specified.

The line segmentation in REP has completely be redesigned and considerably improved in rep_do().

A preclassification for hand versus machine print has been added for classifiers like jumbo*.rec or numplus*.rec. The result is a remarkable acceleration (up to a factor of 5) in this cases.

Alc files are generated in the code page of the used computer (if this code page is supported by KADMOS). This holds for chopper.exe as well as for recmaker.exe. The alc files also can be delivered in any KADMOS supported code page. [equivalence] meaning has been deleted and replaced by a similar treatment of the basis labels of a group label.

classifiers have been extended by the missing latin accented characters. So now classifiers are available for Island, Croatia, Latvia, an Rumania.

The reject labels #m und #M have been renamed in #x and #X.

Parameters, structures, and functions

The following structures are new:

ReImage 🗏

ReInit Parameters for the initialization of a classifier. 🗏 🗏 🗏

RelGridParm 🗏

ReRect 🗏 🗏

HookEngineDataConnection of a hook engine. 🗏

The following structures have been changed:

re_ErrorText long identKADMOS_ERROR indent 🗏 ab Version 3.5r

The following functions are new:

GetRelGraph() reads data from one structure into another structure. 🗏

GetRelGrid() reads data from one structure into another structure. 🗏

GetRelGridParm() reads data from one structure into another structure. 🗏

GetRelResult(), GetRepResult() reads data from one structure into another structure. 🗏

re_bmp2image() convert to the ReImage format. 🗏

re_clipboard2image() puts an image from the clipboard into the ReImage-Format. 🗏

re_cloneimage() creates a second identical ReImage-Bild 🗏

re_closeimagefile() closes an image file opened with re_openimagefile(). 🗏

re_config_close() terminates an active configuration dialog. 🗏

re_createimage() allocated for the pixels memory. 🗏

re_endofimagefile() Query the end of the file 🗏

re_fillimage() fills a described rectangle of the given ReImage image with the desired color. 🗏

re_freeimage() deallocates memory. ReImage-Bildes mit der gewünschten Farbe. 🗏

re_getpixel() returns the color of a given pixel. 🗏

re_hbitmap2image() A Windows bitmap is converted to the ReImage format. 🗏

re_image2bmp() An image is converted from the ReImage format to a bitmap format. 🗏

re_image2clipboard() puts an image with the ReImage format in die Zwischenablage in the clipboard. 🗏

re_openimagefile(), re_wopenimagefile() Open image file. 🗏

re_readimage() reads an image and allocates appropriate memory. 🗏

re_readimagefile(), re_wreadimagefile() reads an image into a structure. 🗏

re_SetErrorText(), re_wSetErrorText() writes back values. 🗏

re_setpixel() occupies a pixel with a color. 🗏

re_writeimage() Write a ReImage image into a BITMAP file. 🗏

re_writeimagefile() writes an image into the file given by a file_handle. 🗏

rec_filetitle() returns the name of the loaded classifier. 🗏

rel_clear() Empty the data structure RelData. 🗏

rel_corr() Correction run over the filled data structure RelData. 🗏

rel_filetitle() returns the name of the loaded classifier. 🗏

rel_lineshadow() Information about the hand / machine classification of the given image. 🗏

rel_recset() Transfer individual characters from the data structure RecData to the data structure RecData. 🗏

rep_filetitle() returns the name of the loaded classifier. 🗏

SetRelGraph() copies a data structure into a field of the structure RelGraph. 🗏

SetRelGrid() copies a data structure into a field of the structure RelGrid. 🗏

copies a data structure into a field of the structure RelResult bzw RepResult. 🗏

The following functions have been renamed:

rel_freeimg()rel_freeimages() deallocates memory. 🗏

The following functions have been changed:

re_bmp2image() convert to the ReImage format. 🗏

re_ClearError() reset an error that occurred. 🗏

re_openimagefile(), re_wopenimagefile() Open image file 🗏

rel_textline(), rep_textline(), repr_textline() occupies a string with the recognition results of one line at a time. 🗏

The following functions have been deleted:

rec_bitmap() rel_bitmap() rep_bitmap() rec_image() rel_image() rep_image() re_GetErrorName() re_image() re_subimage()