In the config (reconfig) menu a lot of parameters can be set to optimize the recognition result. It is used from programs like Famulus.

Classifier configuration

Max. grid len
Setting the maximum occurring grid elements. 🖙 rel_grid_maxlen 🗏
Max. graph len
Setting how many graph elements should be returned. 🖙 rel_graph_maxlen 🗏
Max. resul len
The maximum of desired results. 🖙 rel_result_maxlen 🗏
Preprocessing only
Setting if only the pre-processing is desired. 🖙 GENERAL_PREP_ONLY 🗏
Line shadow only
Test for each pixel column about whether a sign exists and whether it is hand or typewritten. 🖙 GENERAL_LINESHADOW_ONLY 🗏
Hook engine loaded
A hook engine is used. 🖙 GENERAL_HOOKENGINE_LOADED 🗏
Hook engine aktive
On and off a loaded Hook Engine. 🖙 GENERAL_HOOKENGINE_ON 🗏
REP Multithreading
Multithreading on and off. 🖙 GENERAL_MULTITHREADING 🗏
KADMOS server version
Server version on and off. 🖙 GENERAL_REPMULTITHREADING 🗏
Open the window for setting the pre-processing parameter.
Open the window for setting the segmentation parameter.
Open the window for setting the classification parameter.
Open the window for setting the context parameter.
After the first detection, a second modified one will be started. 🗏
This parameter is intended to support the reading of standard font lines, such as CMC7 or E13b. 🗏
Save in ..
Open the window to save the set parameters in an ini file.
Restore from ..
Open the window to load an existing ini file.
Accept the parameter setting and close the configuration window.
Accept not the parameter setting and close the configuration window.


Color processing
Convert color images to gray images. 🖙 PREP_RGBTOGRAY_COLOR* 🗏
Gray to binary image
Convert gray images to black and white images. 🖙 PREP_GRAYTOBIN_* 🗏
Binary filter
Frayed characters are thickened or thinned and smoothed. 🖙 PREP_BINFILTER_* 🗏
Noise reduction (%), Noise reduction (pixel)
Settings for noise reduction. 🖙 noise_diameter_* 🗏
Grid box detection
New opens the window to set new parameters for grid and box detection. When parameters set, edit can be used to change it. Delete reset the settings.
Auto noise reduction
Auto noise reduction on and off. 🖙 PREP_AUTO_NOISEREDUCTION 🗏
Spot removel
Spot removel on and off. 🖙 PREP_NOSPOTREMOVAL 🗏
Fast grid detection
Enables faster grid removal. 🖙 OPTIONS_FAST_GRID 🗏
Deskew image
Image deskew on or off. 🖙 image_deskewed 🗏
Transform images to 300 dpi. 🖙 PREP_SCALING 🗏

Grid & box detection

Choosing what kind of elements are to be detected, Horizontal or vertical lines, boxes, or combs. 🖙 GRID_*🗏
The size of the element can be set. Is a element selected the minimum size has to be set. 🖙 RelGridParm 🗏
Structure of boxes or combs
The value of sub-elements of an element can be set. 🖙 RelGridParm 🗏
Search area (in pixel)
The parameter for the search area can be set. 🖙 RelGridParm 🗏


Line spacing
The line height and line spacing can be set. For the row height is assumed the Big A as underlying. For the row spacing, the baseline is valid from one text line to the next text line. 🖙 🗏 🗏
Character spacing
It can be set if equidistant, or proportional font is present. Otherwise, a automatic segmentation is used. 🖙 typograph 🗏
Character width
Are the maximum and minimum character spacing is known, this can be defined. 🖙 RecData 🗏
Special methods
More text information can be set. Merged characters or not, is a serif or sans serif font used. The number of alternate segmentation can be set. 🖙 typograph 🗏


Font selection
The recognizable languages and fonts can be restricted. 🖙 font 🗏
ALC groupe selection
Groups of characters can be switched on and off. 🖙 alc 🗏
Reject limit
The border can be determined, from which no further results be delivered. 🖙 reject_limit 🗏
Reject level
At what value should the result be a rejection. 🖙 reject_level 🗏
Show labels
All active labels are displayed.
Select labels
Open the window for label selection.
Select all groups
AÎÎ available labels can be switched on.
Basic labels parm
Use basic labels or group labels for the recognition. 🖙 OPTIONS_BASICLABELS_PARM 🗏
Strict selection
Parameter to control deselected labels. 🖙 OPTIONS_STRICTSELECT 🗏
Alternative recognition results are used. 🖙 OPTIONS_EXCLUDE 🗏
Basic labels result
Use for the results basic labels. 🖙 OPTIONS_BASICLABELS_RESULT 🗏
Fast recognition
Use for the recognition a faster method. 🖙 OPTIONS_FAST* 🗏


Character position
How strong should the character position influence the recognition result. 🖙 POS_* 🗏
Word context
Is the word context active, strings only with numbers, only with uppercase, or only with lowercase (possibly large at the beginning) are preferred to mixed strings. 🖙 POS_* 🗏
Dictionary1, Dictionary2
Compound words
Confirm compound words, even if only the contained words are included in the dictionary.
Max length of legal
Words with more characters than specified are not searched in the dictionary. 🖙 ReSpellInit 🗏
If a word is not found in the dictionary, this part of the image is again recognized with rel_do() and slightly different parameters. 🖙 ReSpellData 🗏
Open the windows Font selection dictionary to restrict the dictionary.

Font selection


A window font-selection words ... will be opened. Here the dictionary can be restricted. 🖙 font 🗏