In addition to the KADMOS developer kit the program rec_linker can be ordered. This Console application links cassilier files (REC files) to a new one. If, for example, a classifier should contain the English and Russian machines character set, this Program can link the classifiers ttfuk.rec and ttfru.rec. All individual classifiers from the two REC files will placed in a new REC-REC file. This classifier can then both English and Russian. But this classifier do not contain individual classifiers English to Cyrillic, what the Classifier holds smaller as if the classifier is created with the chopper program.

1st input rec file :
2nd input rec file :
3rd input rec file :
4th input rec file :
5th input rec file :
6th input rec file :
output rec file    :
1st input rec file - 6th input rec file
Input of the classifiers that are to be connected.
Path and file name of the composite classifier.